Business Model and Tokenomics

Ink Finance is a utility for Governance Credit Discovery, and its platform token is the QUILL Token, which is designed to be used as:

Fee Utility

 •  They are to be paid for, and then consumed by, the users seeking liquidity by using INK facilities. The fees are recycled and re-emitted through  reward and compensation mechanisms. In a non-inflationary scheme, the growth of liquidities generated by the Ink Finance facilities underpins the growth of QUILL Token valuation.

Governance Capital

 • The QUILL Token is also the Governance Capital, since any credit player must be backed by tangible capital. Challenging and Sponsoring tools are provided by INK Governance Module to allow any DAO to promote internal competition.

 • DAOs with their own tokens are supported via the swapping of their tokens with the QUILL Tokens in the Ecosystem Fund, and the income generated from those DAO tokens will be accrued into the QUILL Treasury, as distributable rewards to the stakers. 

Staked Sponsorship

 • An initial Staking Pool is set up to bootstrap ownership of QUILL Tokens in the early stage. Eventually, however, QUILL staking mechanism encourages stakers to provide assistance to fledgling DAOs.

 • DAO assistance is provided by Sponsors, who must be normal stakers to begin with, but can designate the staked QUILL Tokens to be used by members of their chosen DAOs, through which they share the reward with the DAO members who receive the sponsorship.

Ink Finance is a DAO governance toolset, enabling all kinds of ecosystems to establish governance economy, manage internal finance, and connect with DeFi investors everywhere, through a no-code user experience.