Ink Finance Protocol
Earn interest, manage funds, govern & build ecosystems
Securing Credibility in DeFi
Ink Finance is the scalability solution for web3 DAOs, protocols and asset managers, enabling them to customize asset management and governance frameworks through a no-code interface, to effectively establish on-chain credit and financial competence. Ink Finance allows a one-stop and frictionless solution for organized financial activities, with scalability and customizability.
Get Started
Available on various EVM
networks with cross-chain interconnectivity
Scalable infrastructure for
financial management
Governance Modules
Build governance frameworks with versatility. Delegate governance rights via tokens, badges, or interoperable relations.
Financial Etiquette
Create and manage treasuries, investments, and funding with compliance, risk control and liquidity.  
KYC & KYB compliance options for key roles of fund managers or vault administrators.
Integrated Workflow
On-chain executables for complex workflows made seamless and scalable.
Abundance of pathways
with accessible information
Assemble your own funds or web3 pools for investment, purchase or lending purposes
Transparency & Trust
Clarified structures on DAO and fund frameworks, financial strengths and competence
Know Your Risk
Verify DAOs’ risk control & asset integrity for prudence through coherently laid out data
Investable Products
Invest seamlessly in a multitude of offerings via web3 DAOs, protocols and funds
Access the corners of DeFi with $QUILL
RWA Originators
social daos
Exchange & Defi
Web2 to Web3 Adoption
Defi investors
Asset managers
Customizable and scalable for all, offering comprehensive functionalities
Protocol Level Usage
Ink Finance's native $QUILL token is a turn-key activating protocol level functions relative to the dApp framework, enabling platform use.
Fund or protocol (DAO) level administrators are required to stake a certain threshold of the native token in order to utilize the platform's limitless features. Stakers will concurrently earn emissions.
If a fund or a protocol (DAO) is in deficit of $QUILL required to utilize platform features, they may borrow from retail lenders in exchange for negotiated yield. The entire process is done via a decentralized system.
Multifaceted utility driven by the ecosystem token
Ink Finance utilizes a single token - $QUILL to coordinate ecosystem dynamics in a logical manner, providing a diverse use case.
Partners & Integrations